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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Free Museums Today

It's the first full weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of the month again, which means that Bank of America debit and credit cardholders can get in free (with foto ID) to 150 museums around the country. I meant to mention this on Friday but didn't get to it. My sleep cycle has wandered again, and I'm working long hours on my various projects without regard to the hour of day or nite. Alas, if I sleep thru most of the day, I can't get to these museums. Well, I'm in time to alert some readers to the Sunday half of the free-museums weekend. I had a short day yesterday and went to bed relatively early, so might successfully reset my waking cycle so I'm up early enuf to enjoy the whole of winter's short days.

Participating institutions in North Jersey are the Newark Museum and Aljira (Saturday only for Aljira; sorry) in Newark; the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City; the Montclair Art Museum (I'll let you guess where that is); and the Morris Museum, Morristown. I just renewed my Newark Museum membership, so I get in there free anytime I want. I don't know that I'm up to traveling anywhere else today, but I'll see. Montclair is an easy trip by car.
If you are a BofA cardholder who lives outside Newark and can get in to the city readily, this might be a good day to check out NuMu. (Newark residents with appropriate ID get free admission to the Newark Museum thanks to the financial support that the City of Newark provides year-round.)
This is the last day to see "Feasting with Family and Friends: Christmas in the Ballantine House", a recreation of a Victorian Christmas dinner in the mansion of the famed brewing family, which is part of the Museum. I have seen this in a prior year. I missed out on the art-quilt show, which closed on December 31st. The 100 Years of Tibetan Art exhibit is still going, tho.

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