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Newark USA

A fotojournal about LIVING in Newark USA, New Jersey's largest and most cultured city, by the author of the foto-essay website RESURGENCE CITY: Newark USA.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Annual Video Christmas Card

Permit me to show today only an embedded YouTube video slideshow, with music, 8 minutes and 39 seconds in length, about Christmastime at St. Lucy's R.C. Church in near north Newark, and a link to my post about this slideshow from 2009. Here's the video.

Astonishingly, only 13,281 people had played that video when I checked it today. It deserves much wider appreciation.
Here is my post, with ten screenprints from the video, of December 26, 2009. It contains, at the end, a hyperlink to the video, in case, for any reason, the embedded video above does not work cleanly. It might well not work in Google Chrome. I still haven't figured out how to stop ads from encroaching on my blog in Chrome.

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