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Newark USA

A fotojournal about LIVING in Newark USA, New Jersey's largest and most cultured city, by the author of the foto-essay website RESURGENCE CITY: Newark USA.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Links to All My Fotos on Picasa

I have been putting up posts to this blog for over 8½ years, but lost all the fotos from it when America Online closed all subscribers' online storage areas in October 2007. I then switched to Google's Picasa Web Albums service, which works brilliantly with Google Blogger, the service that hosts this blog. That is still working, and I hope it continues to work as long as I want this blog to appear.
Since October 20, 2007 I have used thousands of fotos here. They have been semi-public, meaning that anyone who has the link to the album can see all the fotos in it. They can even run a slideshow of all the fotos in a given album by clicking on "Slideshow" at the top left of each album, then choosing to show captions or hide captions. Click on the X at the right of the controls at the bottom of the slideshow to close it.
Early on, Picasa limited each album to 500 fotos. I think it now allows 1,000 fotos per album, but I am sticking to about 500 for most purposes, tho the "Portraits" album is beyond that now. I don't know if I will eventually create a "Portraits2" album. Finding a particular foto can be very difficult in a large album. With the albums separated by date ranges, I can narrow things down.
In any case, I present, below, links to all of my Newark-specific Picasa Web Albums for people who want to see what I have shown here thru the years without having to call up each blogpost in turn. The pictures below are the cover fotos for the various albums, clickable to the albums.
Blogpix16 is the current album, which I add to with every blogpost I illustrate with a foto of my own. I'll create another album when I reach 500 fotos in this one. There were, as of yesterday, 144 pix in this working album.
Blogpix15 contains 502 fotos.
Portraits, 565 pix.
Blogpix14, 502 fotos.
Blogpix13, 499 pix.
Blogpix12, 500 pix.
Blogpix11, 500 fotos.
Blogpix10, 493 fotos.
Blogpix9, 498 fotos.
Blogpix8, 500 pix.
Blogpix7, 500 pix.
Blogpix6, 500 fotos.
Blogpix5, 499 pictures.
Blogpix4, 500 fotos.
Blogpix3, 498 fotos.
Blogpix2, 500 pictures.
Blogpix1, 500 fotos.
Blogpix, 500 fotos.
Save SHV (Sacred Heart of Vailsburg), only 22 fotos, tho I have perhaps 50 I can add. The good news, at least at present, is that altho SHV is no longer a Catholic church, it is apparently still in use so will not be torn down any time soon. I hope.
And, last but certainly not least, a small album of some of my favorites, Essential Newark, only 59 fotos. I suppose I should add what I regard as my best fotos to this album, but I'm too busy taking more fotos and putting some of them up on this blog every day I can.
Essential Newark
That is a total of 8,781 fotos as of yesterday. The great preponderance of them were taken in Newark. A few hundred show neighboring towns and other parts of NJ. Less than 200 show places farther afield that I drove to from Newark. And perhaps 100 are miscellaneous screenprints from websites and such.
Please do not leave comments at any of those albums. I don't monitor them. If you'd like to comment, send email to schoonmakr @ aol . com (taking out spaces, of course).

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