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Newark USA

A fotojournal about LIVING in Newark USA, New Jersey's largest and most cultured city, by the author of the foto-essay website RESURGENCE CITY: Newark USA.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Urban Bookstore

Newark is, in some respects, very peculiar. One of those respects is the near-total absence of bookstores for general audiences. We have no Barnes & Noble, no Borders. Tho I have shown fotos of the "NJ Books" sign hilited at nite, I am not persuaded that that store is a going entity, despite a website that suggests it is in business. I have passed by in mid-day, during the business week, but the store has seemed always to be closed. Perhaps I should look for a parking space nearby and walk up to find out for sure.

Aside from bookstores that our various colleges may provide for students to buy textbooks, the only bookstore I have seen in Downtown Newark is this one, on Market Street just west of Broad Street. I guess I should endeavor sometime to park nearby, speak to its owners, and take some pix inside. I found an article online that suggests that this little store is part of a chain of similar stores in various parts of the Nation.
Given that much of the book trade is now conducted on the Internet, the absence of "bricks-and-mortar" bookstores in Newark may not be as damning as it would assuredly have been viewed 30 years ago. Still, you have to wonder if Newark is, as cities go, illiterate, in the sense that its residents do not cherish books and the culture of books. I hate to suggest negative things about Newark. But if I do hone in on a real defect in Newark, I hope people who see that implied condemnation will rush to correct each such defect. I want Newark to be a great city, and I want no one to accept less than greatness from this great city, in any regard.

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