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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Art Reception at ECC Tomorrow

I have backfilled a post, "Higi and Me", to February 4th. If you have not seen that, pls scroll down to it or go to it directly.

There's an art show opening Thursday evening at Essex County College. Here's the text of the announcement, and a poster that provides more info, graffically (used with permission).
The African Institute of ECC and The D.R.E.A.M
Community Project Presents


Opening reception Thursday, February 7th 2013 6PM -9PM

Exhibit runs February 1st - 28th at "THE GALLERY" at Essex County College

Despite the University Avenue address, the art gallery is actually off the broad main lobby near MLK Boulevard and Market Street. If you don't see it on entering (up a couple of flites of outdoor stairs, if you don't find an entrance at sidewalk level on MLK), just ask at the information desk not far from it.
The main building of ECC is very large and, each time I've been there, thronged by crowds of students and faculty. I have thought of auditing some classes (free for "seniors", which in a junior college means "old people", like me), but I am so pressed for time and energy, esp. in cold weather, that I have been unable to keep this blog current with frequent entries, so can't even look carefully thru the catalog that arrives each semester via postal mail. Still, when the weather warms up, I'll investigate what courses are being offered during the summer.
Note that Serron is one of the artists in this show. I have shown some of his work in this blog, but when I looked for the fotos, I found to my dismay that Google Picasa changed the URL's to many fotos, so they no longer appear. I don't know why Picasa did that, and I don't know if they can restore the old URL's or if I have to look for every picture that has vanished, then track down the new URL. It is really infuriating when I do everything right, things work fine for months, then all of a sudden Google changes URL's and fotos vanish. I don't even know how many posts have been affected by this madness, nor why some fotos vanished but others both newer and older continue to appear. If you should happen to find older posts in which fotos have vanished, leaving only a gray circle with a minus-sign inside where a foto should appear, let me know so I can contact Google about those specific posts and ask what is going on.

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