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Monday, March 25, 2013

Sick; Snow and Cold; Sick of the Snow and Cold

I have been very, very sick for several days, unable to face just about any computer work at all. I don't know what malady I have had, but it has knocked the stuffing out of me and caused me to spend almost all of five full days in bedrest. I don't recall ever having been hit this hard by any health issue. I did have some injuries to my knees that laid me up, before and after surgery, for weeks, but those were accidents, not illnesses.

My physical illness combined with this year's unusually severe Seasonal Affective Disorder, due to the weather's unusually subnormal temperatures, to keep me pretty much under wraps — several layers of covers — in bed for, what?, 16 to 20 hours a day?

I might have taken my laptop computer down from my home office, on the 3d floor, to the bedroom, on my 2d floor, except (a) I was too weary to work on it and (b) I have no cable modem connection on 2. I have a wireless router on 3 that I could have used except that I have never hooked it up. I started to, but did so in steps, and when the first step didn't work, I didn't move on to the second.

I might have taken the modem itself down to 2, where I have an old cable connection, except that it was for cable TV, and the point where I could hook it up is somewhere in back of a very heavy entertainment center over 6 feet tall and 2½ feet wide. I was certainly not up to manhandling the entertainment center aside to look for a connecting point. So I accepted a nature-mandated vacation from all computer activities until I could manage to rally myself to working in my home office as usual.

Late Snows. We had two substantial snowfalls long after we would ordinarily have said goodbye to wintry weather. The first was very wet, and coated the trees in winter-wonderland fashion. But it didn't stay around long, and was already melting within hours of coating tree limbs and outlining ivy leaves.

Indeed, I watched from my window as falling snow in the foreground was overmatched by melting snow falling, in clumps, off my spruce tree in the background.
Early spring-flowering bulbs had already pushed up green shoots before these two snows, and daffodils show starkly against the white of snow on the ground in this next (cellfone) picture.

Spring Weather Pushed Back. Warmer weather in springtime is in part the difference between two forces, increased solar radiation received by the ground and diminished solar radiation reflected from the ground. When the skies are overcast by storm clouds, much less solar heat reaches the ground; and when fresh, clean snow covers the ground, such sunlite as does reach the surface is in large measure reflected back into space again ("albedo"), which produces almost no warming at ground level. So, altho astronomical spring arrived on Wednesday, March 20th, typical springtime temperatures did not arrive with it.

The combination of dreary, dismal, gray days with cold temperatures reinforced my Seasonal Affective depression, which combined with my physical illness to debilitate me almost thoroly. It is going to take me several days, now that I am barely able to function as regards respiratory health, to catch up with everything I let slide.

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