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A fotojournal about LIVING in Newark USA, New Jersey's largest and most cultured city, by the author of the foto-essay website RESURGENCE CITY: Newark USA.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Library Flagpole Removed; TV Items of Interest; Free Museums

Flagpole Gone. I showed here on November 1st, 2012 two fotos of damage from Superstorm Sandy to an angled flagpole on the façade of the Newark Public Library's wonderful Renaissance palazzo Downtown. You need not go to that post to see the fotos, because I reproduce them below.

I imagine this pole was original to the construction of the building in 1898, so hoped it would be repaired or replaced if not repairable. Alas, it was instead removed.

I thought that there was a rectangular hole in the stonework where that flagpole had once been anchored, or perhaps a dark-colored cover that looks from a distance like a hole.

But today, when I compared the fotos of storm damage against more recent fotos, I saw that the dark rectangle was below where the flagpole had been.
Latifah and 'Neighbors' on TV. Newark's own Queen Latifah has signed on to do a talkshow on CBS, starting September 16th (channel 2-1), for an hour starting at 9am. Alas, it is to be taped in Los Angeles, not Newark.

The Neighbors, Dan Fogelman's quirky but funny sitcom about aliens who are stranded on Earth and create a new home in a gated townhouse community in Bergen County, returns for its second season on Friday, September 20th, at 8:30pm. Tim Allen's sitcom, Last Man Standing, is its lead-in. I had feared for the renewal of The Neighbors, in that I wasn't sure it had garnered a faithful audience, given its bizarreness. The show mixes farce and social commentary, and that seemed to me a combination that a mass audience might not appreciate. But it was renewed!
Free Museums. This Saturday and Sunday are the first full weekend of the month, which means three things to people interested in getting in free to museums within striking distance of Newark. First, Bank of America ("BofA") offers free admission to 150 museums nationwide to its debit and credit cardholders, thru its "Museums on Us" program, which is in effect on both Saturday and Sunday (but not Friday nor Monday in three-day holiday weekends). Second, the Philadelphia Art Museum says "First Sunday of the month and every Wednesday after 5:00 p.m.: pay what you wish". Third, the Montclair Art Museum has its own free days, including tomorrow ("First Friday"), during its regular hours, noon to 5pm.

This foto and the next show the Newark Museum as seen from the sculpture garden.

In our area, there are four municipalities that have institutions that participate in BofA's "Museums on Us" program: Newark (the Newark Museum and Aljira, tho Aljira is closed Sundays), Jersey City (the Liberty Science Center), Montclair (Montclair Art Museum), and Morristown (Morris Museum). There are as well three venues in South Jersey. NYC has eight participating institutions. Philadelphia has four, and both Allentown and Scranton have one each, all within fairly easy reach of Newark, at least by car.

If you live outside Newark and haven't been to the Newark Museum in a while — even years — and have a BofA debit or credit card, this might be a good time to reacquaint yourself with NuMu, or see it for the first time. The weather is supposed to be splendid, a warm, sunny, late-summer day on Saturday, around 79° for the high, and sunny with a chance of a shower, high 83°, on Sunday. Of course, if you reside in Newark, you can get in free on any day, because the City of Newark provides support to the Museum on the condition that bona fide residents be admitted free.

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